New Perspectives

Counselling can help people see the world from a new perspective.

Although the past cannot be changed, counselling can help you change the way you feel about your circumstances and experiences.

Bringing hope
for a more
fulfilling life


About Sue Garner

Sue Garner has been working in the area of counselling for over fifteen years.

She is the Manager of a local Pregnancy Crisis Centre as well as running Oulton-Lee Counselling as a private Counselling Practice. She also operates a Research Consultancy that works with a wide range of Not-For-Profit Organisations nationally.

She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Gestalt Pastoral Counselling and has attended Couples Therapy training in Killarney, ROI with Dr Robert and Dr Rita Resnick of The Gestalt Associates Training, Los Angeles.

Sue is a full member of the BACP and the ACC.

Equality and Diversity

Oulton-Lee Counselling welcomes diversity. We are here to support a wide diversity of clients in terms of ethnicity but also in numerous other ways.

We also recognise that for some people faith may be a very important part of their counselling process, whereas for others it will not. We respect the client’s process whether or not this includes spirituality.

About Gestalt

There are several different theoretical approaches to counselling. Gestalt is one such approach.

Gestalt is a German word for which there is no easy English equivalent. It is to do with bringing to awareness and making connections that are not obviously apparent. Overall, it is a way of enriching people’s understanding of themselves, their environment and their experiences in order that they can have more choices about the way ahead. In this way, people are empowered to lead more positive lives in the future.


Regaining hope

Many people can find themselves in situations where their circumstances or feelings become overwhelming, which can lead to a sense of despair or hopelessness.

Through counselling it is possible to regain a fresh sense of hope despite the circumstances in which you find yourself or the experiences you have been through.

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