New Perspectives

Counselling can help people see the world from a new perspective.

Although the past cannot be changed, counselling can help you change the way you feel about your circumstances and experiences.

Bringing hope
for a more
fulfilling life



Your first session is an assessment and will be free of charge so that we can get to know each other and you can decide if you feel comfortable talking to a counsellor.

This initial meeting which last about an hour gives us both an opportunity to decide if we are able to work together. You may also use this time to find out more about me; what is involved in working ethically and the counselling process. Also you will be asked to share some information about the problem and what you hope to gain, before any formal counselling takes place. There is no pressure to give your decision at this time. When you make the decision to enter into a therapeutic relationship, we confirm the contract including the fee and the initial period of time for us to work together.

If you decide to go ahead the fee will be £40 per hour for individuals and £50 per hour for couples for a 50-minute session.


Regaining hope

Many people can find themselves in situations where their circumstances or feelings become overwhelming, which can lead to a sense of despair or hopelessness.

Through counselling it is possible to regain a fresh sense of hope despite the circumstances in which you find yourself or the experiences you have been through.

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