Counselling support through challenging times can be a life-line.

Oulton-Lee Counselling offers professional counselling services in a confidential setting to those seeking help with emotional or personal difficulties.

Bringing hope
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These testimonials have been given by permission from people who have attended Oulton-Lee Counselling. Their names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

 left quotes Sue is extremely professional, compassionate and knowledgeable. She provides a safe and calming environment within which intricate and often sensitive problems are untangled and addressed with care and understanding. We felt at ease immediately and throughout our weekly sessions. We cannot recommend her services enough.
Richard and Amy G. right quotes

 left quotes Having a weekly time where I feel safe and un-judged has led to wonderful breakthroughs, the depth of which continue to astound me. The gratitude that I feel for what counselling has helped to achieve in my life is hard to put into words. It has been life changing and has positively benefited the lives of those close to me.

From struggling with post-natal depression and crippling anxiety for the smallest of tasks my ability to deal with and genuinely enjoy every day life has hugely increased.
Ruth A. right quotes

 left quotes My counselling journey has been an absolutely incredible, amazing and life changing experience.

For a long time, I'd been living with insecurities, fears and a lack of confidence and self-worth, not knowing who to talk to. As a Christian, I really wanted to find someone that understood my faith, who I could trust and confide in. Initially, I was sceptical, but, since the very first time I met with Sue, that soon changed. It's an amazing experience and it does work!

Throughout all sessions, Sue offered encouragement, acceptance and support which gave me the freedom to be me and to understand myself in a totally different light.

I now feel a totally different person, strengthened and empowered to face each day with a new confidence, security, freedom and excitement about life, with the strength and ability to make decisions, choices and set boundaries for myself. I totally 100% recommend Sue's counselling services to others.
Hannah J. right quotes

 left quotes We initially booked six sessions with Sue but we found her approach extremely helpful, and continued for much longer than that. Sue’s room was a safe haven where emotions could be shared and issues explored under her sensitive guidance.

The counselling has clarified the need to reduce external commitments and so provide more time for our marriage to “flourish”.

For one of us, the key issues were personal identity and self-confidence. For the other, insight into handicaps from the past, and challenges about relationship roles.

Sue has given us many excellent tools to improve communication and to find balance in married life.
Frank and Carol U.
 right quotes

 left quotes I had my doubts about seeking counselling. I believed there to be a stigma attached and I was unsure of what to expect. I went to see Sue and the whole thing blew my mind. It was a relaxed environment and Sue was excellent. Totally unassuming and non-judgemental.

I learnt so much about the way I think and see the world. It also taught me to respect myself. I had a very positive experience and I would recommend it to anyone. It's good to talk.
Trevor R. right quotes

 left quotes From the initial consultation I was put at ease and made to feel welcome, comfortable and that my issues were worthwhile. Each session was conducted professionally yet with a friendly relaxed atmosphere, with Sue having valuable knowledge and expertise of how to support me and how I could address my inner battles. Sue listened, gave time for thinking and talking. And a challenge each week for me to consider! She allowed me to breathe.

I have the reassurance that the door is always open, however I have left believing I have the coping strategies and ability to move forward with confidence and without the weighty burden I have carried around for too many years.
Caitlin D. right quotes

 left quotes The counselling has improved our relationship tremendously. It's almost like magic. Of course, not all problems that we had and still have can be immediately solved, but I think we've found a way of dealing with difficult situations that come up and always will because that's part of every human relationship.

Overall, we have learnt to communicate better and compromise and we believe that things can only get better from now on.
Karl and Lorna S.
 right quotes

 left quotes I arrived at Sue's room rather unsure of what her counselling would entail and if it would help. I was soon put at ease by Sue's relaxed yet professional approach. As I've had time to reflect on her counselling, the aspects that impressed me were that for each session I was reminded that this was my time, I could be myself, think and feel what I liked.

Sue helped me see the underlying causes for how I felt the way I did, what I would like to see, and how I might work towards those goals. She has helped me accept what can't be changed and to believe in a quality of life which is possible. I rejoice to think of others asking for Sue's services and finding hope to go out into their journey of life.
Win B. right quotes

 left quotes I have been through several kinds of counselling and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) to try to counter anxiety and depression. The counselling I recently went through with Sue was different. Firstly, it was healing to know that I could speak about anything freely and without disapproval or judgement. Secondly, together we found that I could put away things from the past which I often beat myself up about, and accept that we all have human failings.

It was particularly important for me that, as a Christian, I could work through my problems with my faith.
Jan N. right quotes

 left quotes Initially I was nervous about attending counselling but I found the overall outcome excellent and I have an open door to return if I need further help. Thank you.
Jon C. right quotes

 left quotes I was having some personal issues concerning my family and life style. I was unsure who to turn to when I sought the help of Sue Garner, a specialist counsellor in the issues that I was facing. She was great at listening and the sessions were very relaxed, flexible and catered to my needs, which made it reassuring and comfortable for me to speak.

I would like to thank Sue for her help and I can say since her sessions I am very happy and content with how things are going. I would highly recommend her counselling service to anyone.
Samuel W. right quotes



Regaining hope

Many people can find themselves in situations where their circumstances or feelings become overwhelming, which can lead to a sense of despair or hopelessness.

Through counselling it is possible to regain a fresh sense of hope despite the circumstances in which you find yourself or the experiences you have been through.

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