Communication breakdown

Sometimes couples reach a point where they are no longer able to communicate without causing pain or being hurt.

This is where counselling can really help by enabling each person to be heard.

Bringing hope
for a more
fulfilling life


Marriage Counselling

All marriages have their ups and downs but sometimes people feel that the marriage they are in is not what they expected or not what it once was. Often when people realise this they feel powerless to change things as they may have tried many times to get their marriage back on track but without success.

People find themselves locked into ways of behaving, going round in circles over the same old ground. They can feel weary or trapped and feel that separation or divorce is the only way out.

Sometimes difficulties in marriage are brought to a head by events such as when a baby is born, children move out or if one or both partners have had an affair.

Explore your Relationship

If any of this rings true for you, I can offer space to explore your relationship together, to look at differences and your individual needs and to help you see more clearly what is happening in your relationship so that you are both empowered to move into the future with more confidence.

You may be in a place where you have begun to recognise unhealthy patterns in your relationship and you simply want to break free or this may be your last hope before you separate. Either way you are likely to find that taking the time to explore your relationship together is a positive, though sometimes painful, experience which can benefit both parties.


 marriage counselling

Feeling isolated

When couples lose the ability to communicate they become disconnected from each other. When this happens they can feel very lonely in their marriages.
Counselling offers the possibility of enabling couples to reconnect.

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